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Asian Woman Records Sacramento, Calif., Police Officer Harassing Black Boyfriend

A man who was previously arrested by a cop is now alleging that the same cop has continued to harass him. But this time, it was caught on camera by his girlfriend, who was in the passenger seat during the stop.

In early May, a man who goes by the name of Kash Alpha was driving in Sacramento, Calif., when he noticed an unmarked cop car following him. Kash then pulled over to see why he was being followed, and his girlfriend started filming the encounter.

“I just want to see who’s in your car today,” the officer says.

“My girlfriend,” Kash responds.

“Obviously, last time you were riding with some bad dudes,” the officer continues.

As Kash’s girlfriend is recording the incident, the cop snidely looks into the camera and then turns to tell his partner off camera that Kash is trying to get him fired.

Kash then tells his girlfriend the officer was the same one who took him to jail. And it was then that Kash called his attorney and got her on the phone. The only reason Kash was arrested previously was because he had a registered firearm in his car without a concealed carry permit, according to CBS.

When CBS reached out to the Sacramento Police Department for a statement about the officer in the video, they declined. Probably because they’re too busy trying to cover up their tracks in the death of Stephon Clark.

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