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Teen charged as adult with first-degree murder in death of Maryland police officer, admits he ‘drove at’ her

A 16-year-old boy has been arrested and charged as an adult with first-degree murder in the death of a Baltimore County police officer, who was fatally struck by a vehicle on Monday.

Dawnta Anthony Harris told a detective that he “drove at the officer,” according to a probable cause statement. He is expected to appear in court on Tuesday in connection with the death of Officer Amy Caprio. He was ordered held without bail by a judge who called him a “one-man crime wave.”

The teen told a detective he had been waiting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle while others were in the process of committing a burglary, according to the probable cause statement.

The Baltimore County Police Department said Tuesday that three additional suspects who were involved in burglaries in the area are also in custody. The department has not said whether the three played any role in Officer Caprio’s death.

Caprio was run over after responding to a “suspicious vehicle” in a Baltimore suburb at approximately 2 p.m. She was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she died.

Baltimore County Police Officer Amy Caprio was fatally struck by a vehicle on Monday.

She was with the Baltimore County Police Department for nearly four years.

“I’m just still grieving. I don’t know, I just feel like talking about it is definitely better than not,” husband Tim Caprio told former police commissioner Ed Norris on the “Norris & Long” radio show on Tuesday, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Officer Caprio won an “Officer of the Month” award for the Parkville precinct in December. Her investigation led to the identification and arrest of two suspects in numerous package thefts in eastern Baltimore County and neighboring jurisdictions.

More than 20 police officers were in the Towson courtroom as the accused cop killer made his first court appearance by video.

Our thoughts and prayers are with family, friends and colleagues of Police Officer Amy Caprio #EOWMay212018 @BACOPoliceFire pic.twitter.com/PYH2E9vGz5

— Takoma Park Police (@TakomaParkPD) May 22, 2018
Prosecutor William Bickel said the slain officer’s body camera footage clearly shows Harris accelerating a stolen Jeep at Caprio after she was trying to apprehend him at the location where a burglary had just taken place.

A witness to the fatal attack told his father he saw Caprio pull her gun on a Jeep before she was struck.

“The next thing he heard was a pop, and he saw the Jeep take off and run right over her,” dad Tony Kurek said. The car left skid marks, and Caprio was down and bleeding.

Logan Kurek, a volunteer firefighter, said he heard his younger brother “frantically screaming” and ran outside to perform CPR.

Dawnta Anthony Harris is being charged as an adult in a police officer’s death.
Dawnta Anthony Harris is being charged as an adult in a police officer’s death. (BACO Public Safety)

Kurek’s neighbor Dahle Amendt, said he had just settled into his recliner when he heard a woman’s voice outside his house.

“I heard, ‘Get out of the car!’ ‘Get out of the car!’ Get out of the car!’ at least three times, and then a pop,” Amendt said.

Harris was arrested near where a Jeep was found abandoned.

“This is a shock. It’s a quiet community. It’s just so sad,” Amendt said.

source: nydaily


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