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4 Maryland High Schoolers Charged With Hate Crimes After Spraying Racist Graffiti Targeting Black Principal

Alas, the white kids behaving racistly goes on.

Last week, four teens were charged with hate crimes after they spray painted the n-word, swastikas, genitalia and anti-LGBTQ slurs all over a Howard County, Md., high school, and targeted the school’s African-American principal specifically.

The Baltimore Sun reports that police arrested Seth Taylor, 18, Tyler Curtiss, 18, and Joshua Shaffer, 18, at Glenelg High School in Glenelg, Md.; and that Matthew Lipp, 18, was arrested at his home for the crimes.

The teens were charged with multiple counts of destruction of property based on race, color, religious belief, sexual orientation, or national origin (I think these morons actually got all of the categories covered in their spray-painting spree).

In their hate-filled tirade, the little losers actually wrote that the school’s African American principal, David Burton, was a “nigger.”

The Sun reports that Burton, who is in his second year at the school, held an assembly with students Thursday morning after the incident and received a standing ovation.

On Friday, school officials, the NAACP and other community leaders held a press conference to decry the students’ actions.

“We will not tolerate this in Howard County,” school Superintendent Michael J. Martirano said at the news conference in Ellicott City, Md. “We work hard every day to make sure our children are safe and protected,” Martirano said. “No child, no staff member, within our inclusive community should ever feel any form of threat or harassment or any form of hate.”

Of course, these idiots were identified because of video cameras at the school.

Authorities said the misdemeanor charges carry a penalty of up to three years in prison.

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