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Viral Video Shows Teen Giving Cops Dust (No, Not the Drugs) and It Is a Sight to Behold

Sign This Kid Up for the NFL, or at least for Parkour, because baby he’s got the moves like Jagger Payton!

In a video that has racked up more than 230,000 views, a young man in what we think is a Washington, D.C., projects looked to be corned by police, but ran and jumped over at least five fences—front-flipping over one—to make a dramatic and speedy get away from at least three police officers who were hot on his tail (granted, they didn’t try too, too hard after he took off.)

Another angle of the video shows what appears to be two white police officers confronting the young African American male, with a bystander saying that he’s staying to watch “because they’re fucking with this man for no reason.”

Shortly after that man uttered those words, the young man took off, to sounds of that man cheering—as were the other bystanders because … police in black neighborhoods (many commenters on the posts said, “so glad they didn’t shoot him.)

I was cheering too.

We’ll update the story if we get more details.

source: the root

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