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DeKalb gangster gets 8 years prison in deadly home invasion

Marcus Wilder, 23, died the morning after Christmas 2015, when he came upon an a prolific robbery crew of Bloods gang members in his DeKalb County apartment.

Two and a half years later, the final of the six defendants, Octavius “Yogi” Johnson, 29, pleaded guilty Thursday to his role in that crime and other robberies. Unlike some of his five co-defendants, he was never indicted for murder in Wilder’s death.

Judge Asha Jackson sentenced him to eight years in prison, seven on probation for eight crimes, including home invasion, gang activity and multiple counts of aggravated assault, according to court records. One of the assault charges was for when he shot a man, who survived, in the weeks before Wilder died.

Other defendants were convicted or pleaded guilty last year, including Quenterius Brown, 24, the one they called “Rambo.” He was sentenced to life without parole for murder, court records show.

Wilder walked in his home at East Perimeter Pointe Apartments off I-20 around 8:30 a.m.

He was shot. Another person was pistol-whipped and hit with a fire extinguisher, the indictment said. The crew made off with a phone, a car and personal property.

Wilder, who’d been out on bond, was arrested after court Thursday to be sent to state prison.

source: ajc

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