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NYPD to Department of Justice: We’re going forward with departmental charges against cops in Eric Garner case

The NYPD on Monday told the Department of Justice that after four years it is done waiting and will proceed with a disciplinary action against the officer involved in Eric Garner’s death.

That means the anticipated case against Officer Daniel Pantaleo — who brought Staten Island husband and father Garner to the ground using a banned chokehold that contributed to his death — will begin “on or promptly after September 1, 2018,” according to a letter dated Monday and sent from the Police Department’s top lawyer, Deputy Commissioner Lawrence Byrne, to a DOJ deputy chief, Paige Fitgerald.

Byrne noted the NYPD has, since the 43-year-old Garner’s death, four years ago Tuesday, delayed its internal disciplinary proceedings “so as not to have an adverse impact on any ongoing federal criminal civil rights investigation or possible federal criminal prosecution.”

But, Bryne added, while the DOJ has regularly updated the NYPD, it is clear”that a defiinite date by which time a final decision by the U.S. DOJ will be rendered in this matter cannot be predicted.”

The letter does not mention any officer by name.

In addition to eyeing Pantaleo, the NYPD has slapped departmental charges against Sgt. Kizzy Adonis, who responded to the scene after the incident — which bystander Ramsey Orta recorded on his cell phone — and is accused of failing to supervise.

The arrest that led to the death of Eric Garner by police in Staten Island on July 17, 2014.

source: nydaily

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