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Sherell Lewis Jr.’s sister seeking justice for brother killed by motorist accused of calling victim N-word

The sister of Sherell Lewis Jr., who was fatally struck by a teenage motorist while removing debris from a Louisiana highway, says her family will go to court after police announced the driver would not be charged with a crime.

Lewis was moving pieces of wood to the grass median when he was hit by 18-year-old driver Matthew Martin, who allegedly made a string of racist comments on social media following Lewis’ death.

“We’re very upset,” Shotoya Lewis, 32, told the Daily News Tuesday. “We want him to own up to what he did and not think he’s innocent when he knew it was wrong,” she said of Martin, who killed her brother on his 31st birthday.

Lewis Jr. came from a tight-knit family, according to his sister, who said she and her sibling were so close that they had “twin-like abilities.”

“I was the more outspoken one and he was more quiet,” she said.

The surviving sibling, who has two children, ages 10 and 8, said her brother was “like a father” to her kids.

The family is committed to holding Martin responsible, and will go to court seeking justice for Lewis Jr., Lewis said.

Martin allegedly made light of Lewis’ death, and called him the N-word in a social media post.

In another Snapchat message, he allegedly wrote, ‘y’all i just hit a whole guy on the highway” and three “sob” emoji, according to The Root.

“It’s very upsetting that we live in a time where this is still that kind of hate in the world,” Lewis said.

“My brother was very humble and a kind and generous person. We are still looking for the justice we need for him.”

Louisiana police said the department conducted “a very thorough and comprehensive investigation into the crash” which revealed that Martin didn’t violate any traffic laws when the collision occurred.

Police said Martin’s “insensitive comment” did not violate any state laws.

source: nydaily

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