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1-Year Old Baby Swept Away From His Mother’s Arms By Hurricane Florence Floodwaters

A mother is grieving over the lost of her 1-year old son, Kaiden Lee-Welch, after he was suddenly swept away from her arms by floodwaters caused by Hurricane Florence. Search and rescue teams spent several hours Sunday night searching for him in Richardson Creek, and they did eventually recover his body.
According to local detectives, the child and his mother were traveling east on N.C. route 218 towards the city of Wadesboro. The mother noticed barricades, but saw other cars coming in and out and so she continued traveling along the road. However, her vehicle suddenly encountered rushing water flowing across the road.
After managing to free herself and her son, Kaiden, who was in a car seat, she reportedly lost her grip on him in the rushing water and watched him quickly disappear right before her eyes.

source: BN

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