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Why Is It So Damn Hard To Vote?

They don’t want you to vote.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I believe in the mythical “they.” So, for years, I have always wondered why more black people didn’t vote. Even if one doesn’t believe in politics, democracy or supporting a political system founded on white supremacy, I vote for the same reason I don’t eat vegetarian tofu burgers at cookouts:

Out of respect for my ancestors.

To make my grandmothers happy, I recently thought it would be a good idea if The Root could put together a guide to voting for our readers. I figured that we only needed to include three pieces of information for each state

The last day to register.
A link to download the registration form.
A link for registering online.
How hard could that be? I figured it might take me an hour using Google (which has a special feature that shows you where and how to vote), Vote.org (which lists the rules for voting in each state) and HeadCount, which has a link to each state’s Secretary of State voting page. It seemed so simple.

It took me an entire day.

When I say “an entire day,” I literally mean eight hours. It turns out that voting is complicated as fuck! Even with this goddamn magical box on my desk that literally knows everything, there are so many extraneous rules and procedures to voting, it’s a miracle that we have as many voters as we do.

In fact, the only thing a reasonable person could conclude is that officials really don’t want people voting. That has to be the answer. Imagine if any business made it this hard to pay for their products or services. Even better, imagine if you went to the mall and each store opened at a different time, made it difficult to enter and accepted a different kind of currency. The only reason anyone would do something that idiotic is to because they wanted to discourage some customers from shopping there.

Here’s how I know they don’t want you to vote.

source: the root

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