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#CornerstoreCaroline Wants to Press Charges Against the Mother of Falsely Accused Child

Why is so hard for wypipo to admit that they are wrong and let shit go?

The aviator shades-wearing human trash bag that is Teresa Klein, aka #CornerstoneCaroline, has publicly apologized to the boy whom she terrorized with calling the police before video footage proved that the nine-year-old boy’s book bag (and not his hand) brushed against her backside. She now wants to sue the boy’s mother whom CC claimed threatened her.

This is a clear case of reverse “Speak to your manager.” What Ray Ban Becky doesn’t understand is that the reported threats made against her (which I’m sure didn’t happen) were directly in relation to the threats made against a nine-year-old child who can be seen crying in the now viral video of the incident.

Meaning the mother of the boy wouldn’t have allegedly threatened to beat the brakes off of #CornerstoreCaroline (which, again, probably didn’t happen), had she not threatened her child with police action. Let’s be clear about this: Wypipo calling the police in 2018 is the equivalent to “I’m going to get my cousins. ” It’s absolutely, unequivocally a threat against black bodies. #CornerstoreCaroline knew this, which is why she did it. The whitest part of this whole story is that even after video proved that she was as wrong as Donald Trump’s SAT answers, she is still threatening action because that’s the beauty of whiteness—even when you are wrong you’re right by merely changing the target.

#CornerstoreCaroline is reading from the Book of Becky Verse 6, Chapter 1, which states, “Thou art the victim at all times. When all else fails, thou must claim a different target and start over from the beginning.”


#CornerstoreCaroline is apologizing to the 9 year old she accused of sexual assault.
But now, she still wants to press charges against the child’s mom. #wftvpic.twitter.com/RtqlmrUjqk

— Daralene Jones (@DJonesWFTV) October 15, 2018


“I was wrong,” #CornerstoreCaroline admitted. “Young man, I don’t know your name, but I’m sorry.”

#CornerstoreCaroline now claims that because of her actions she’s receiving death threats and can no longer walk around in Flatbush, an area that she happily gentrified.

source: TR

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