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Security guard at NYPD tow pound used camera to spy on cops in women’s bathroom: police

A private security guard used his cell phone camera to record police officers as they used the women’s bathroom at an NYPD tow pound in Brooklyn, cops said Thursday.

Police arrested Pedro Sanchez-Rodriguez, 34, after a uniformed officer used the bathroom at the Erie Basin Auto Pound in Red Hook Wednesday night, and noticed a cell phone hidden in the ceiling.

An investigation revealed Sanchez-Rodriguez, who works for Arizona Security, planted the phone there, and a search found pictures and videos of officers using the bathroom, cop sources said.

Police linked him to a second similar incident on July 18, cops said. He was also carrying liquid THC — a liquid form of cannabis often used in e-cigarettes, cops allege.

Sanchez-Rodriguez was arraigned Thursday and ordered held on $25,000 bond or $15,000 cash bail.

source: NYP

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