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Black Honors Student Files Lawsuit After Being Falsely Accused of Cheating on Her SATs

Kamilah Campbell, an 18-year old senior high school student, says her SAT results were invalidated after she was falsely accused of cheating – allegedly because she had high scores. She has since filed a lawsuit against SAT officials, claiming that they defamed her character and jeopardized her future.
When Campbell took the SAT the first time, she earned a 900 score which is already good. However, she eventually received a letter from the testing company saying that her score was “invalid.” She took the test for the second time and she scored 1230, an improvement of over 300 points.
But once again, SAT officials said that her score was invalid. She said the Educational Testing Service, the organization that oversees the SAT, is accusing her of cheating.

In a news conference with her family and Benjamin Crump, her lawyer, Campbell said, “I did not cheat. I studied and I focused to achieve my dreams. To have your effort taken away from you, and them saying, ‘Oh well, we think you cheated.’ It’s not fair.”

Campbell said she wants to study at Florida State University but she can’t even apply until her score is validated. She has since sued ETS and said that they “violated Kamilah’s constitutional right to be considered innocent until proven guilty and denied Kamilah due process.”

“The family is demanding ETS release her test scores within the next two weeks so that colleges and scholarship committees can appropriately evaluate her applications,” said in a media release. “If not, Crump said the family will move forward with exploring every legal remedy available to give Kamilah the justice she deserves, including but not limited to pursuing litigation on the basis of a violation of her civil rights.”

Although Campbell and her lawyer didn’t mention race in any of their statements, many believe that her being African-American was a factor in the accusations.

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