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Crusted-Over Mayo Casserole Michael Rapaport Tried to Come for Meek Mill and Got That Same Energy in Return

The sentient scab known as Michael Rapaport is once again overusing whatever cookout invite coupon, someone, unfortunately, decided to give him, obviously ignoring the “single use only” caveat.

According to Philly.com, Rapaport’s latest overstep went down like this: After Meek Mill performed at the NBA All-Star Game on Sunday…

No one:

Michael Rapaport:

Okay, but who asked you?

This is like the lower level of the “No one ever asks what Ja Rule thinks of this” joke—except in Ja’s case, at least Dave Chappelle brought him up. Sure, he went on to clown his irrelevance, but he thought enough of the rapper to reference him. In Rapaport’s case, the joke would never exist because no one gives a fuck enough to insert him into the joke. He is the joke.

Does someone say his name too many times and he just appears? Is Rapaport the Beetlejuice of comics? The Candyman of comics? Is he going to appear in here because I’ve had to type his name more here than I’ve ever cared to in my entire life?

While Meek is trying to use his platform to contribute to prison reform (which Rapaport acknowledged, I guess?), Rapaport is … sitting at home picking at the dead skin that represents his career and “beefing” with rappers? Wow, a multitasking king.

Anyway, he then went on to bring up the Drake beef, which is news older than his last relevant film credit.

“Where I’m from, if you get dragged by Drake and don’t respond, you’re and always will be wack,” Rapaport tweeted.

Well, Meek Mill had time today because he ended up responding to the comedic cottage cheese calzone.

Meek asked the ultimate question: “Who gave you authorization to be speaking on us?” That part, Meek. That. Part.

Finally, Meek hit him with the “flawless victory” move by posting an old selfie, where it certainly looks like you could caption the photo, “Meek Mill and a fan.”


Anyway, today is the start of Meek’s The Motivation Tour:


Michael Rapaportapotty also recently tried to come for Cardi B (funny enough, during another sporting event, the Super Bowl), but he got properly gathered by Black Twitter for that, as well.

Just … tend to your Greyscale and go, Rapaport

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