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McDonald’s beef beatdown leads to arrest

It’s not on the menu — but at a Bronx McDonald’s they served up a big smack-down.

A brawl between two women spilled out from behind the counter of a packed Norwood Mickey D’s last month, shocking diners and sending a wig flying.

Shania Slade, 18, was caught on video flipping her lid and unleashing a McFlurry of blows on a McDonald’s employee.

As one customer filmed the grimace-worthy burger brouhaha, other patrons inside the burger joint on Perry Ave. and E. 204th St can be heard groaning and laughing.

“Yo, y’all wilding,” said one giggling woman.

While Slade and the 22-year-old McDonald’s counter workers exchanged filet-o-fists, Slade’s wig hurtled through the air.

A male co-worker in an apron rushes in to break up the beef without luck. The women struggled and grabbed at each other’s hair, and one of them trying to snatch the other’s earring, the 48-second video obtained by the News shows.

It took at least six people to separate the pugilistic pair.[More New York] Upper East Side overdose sparks drug probe that nets 13 suspects, including a retired cop »

“Yo, get her s–t, bro!” a blond-haired woman ordered when the dust settled — leading a young man who had tried to stop the ruckus to retrieve Slade’s wig from the floor.

Then Slade — wobbly and wig-less — was ushered out from behind the counter and toward the exit.

“Stupid, stupid!” she can be heard screaming as she is pulled to the door.[More New York] Livery driver dies after being stabbed twice in Bronx »

According to police, the slappy meal was dished out on Feb. 21, but wasn’t reported until a week later. That’s when Slade was arrested.

The victim suffered minor injuries, said cops. It’s unclear whether she went to the hospital.

Slade, of Queens, had worked at McDonald’s-turned-battle-royale, according to one source.[More New York] Teen accused of spraying bullets on Bronx street freed on bail »

Employees at the burger joint only laughed when approached by The News on Thursday.

Slade is charged with assault, marijuana possession and harassment.

According to police, the slappy meal was dished out on Feb. 21, but wasn’t reported until a week later.

source: NYD

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