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Sheikh Isa Qassim the Bahrain’s top shia cleric has denounced washington’s up coming proposal

Sheikh Qassim called the us proposal as ” a transaction of humiliation and disgrace because it want to exchange the Palestinian ” nation, land, sanctity, religion, unity with a hand full of money

He also said that the American deal is a crime against Palestinians as well as unjust liquidation of the Palestinian cause and a serious conspiracy on earth

The Bahrain I cleric further called on the Palestinian people to exercise vigilance and resistance against the plan which he said would only bring shame to it’s supporters

“The us proposal will go to hell” said the Palestinian president in his speach Monday this week ” The Palestinian authority does not recognize this conference he said ” Trump’s deal of the century will go to hell as will the economic workshop in Bahrain that the American intend to hold and present illusion.”

He also noted that the Palestinian cause is developing step by step to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem al-Quds as it’s capital

The Us is set to unveil the economic component of the deal during a conference in Bahrain on June 25-26

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