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China slam Us for naked economic terrorism

Zhang Hanhui the chinese vice foreign minister said that the united state is practicing “naked economic terrorism” by engaging in a trade war on China. “This trade conflict will also have a serious negative impact on the development and revival of the global economic” Zhang warned. He also said at a press briefing on Tuesday this week that China is against the trade war , but we are not afraid of it.

Us president Donald Trump initiated what is effectively a trade war with China last year when he first imposed unusually heavy tariffs on import from the country since then the two side have exchange tariffs on more than $360 billion in two way trade.

The two side have held many talks to settle the issue with no conclusion. Their last round of trade negotiations ended earlier this month

China strongly opposes the Us tariff hikes, saying they are harmful not only to China and the Us but to the whole world.

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