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Meet 24-year old Dr. Ashley Roxanne, the youngest black osteopathic doctor ever

Dr.Ashley Roxanne Peterson is a 24 years old medical doctor.she is one of the newest graduate of the Philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine, she also may actually be the youngest black osteopathic doctor in modern history

Ashley has always been the youngest in her class, she graduated high school at fifteen and then enrolled at the university of North Carolina at Charlotte at just fifteen years old as well. During her time there , she majored in anthropology and was able to graduate in four years with honors. She participated in various extra curricular including SNMA’s minority Association of premedical student, the Honor college, Finding yourself in Fashion, and various other student lead organizations.she says it has not always been easy being the youngest as many people doubted her abilities based of her age alone without even getting to know her. When asked if she would do it over again she quickly replied “yes of course” . she never felt she missed out from being younger but rather gain a different perspective from her other classmates.

Ashley says her passion for medicine started from seeing her parents service to the military and education. From their example, she knew that she wanted to help people for the rest of her life. As a young girl, her passion for science began and by the time she graduated high school she knew medicine was the career for her. Once in college shadowing doctors, volunteering and her class work only furthered her previous interest in medicine

Ashley Advice to you and all of people who are struggling to achieve their goals is to stay true to your value and never give up “if you fall nine times stand up ten”

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