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Muslims rally on Quds Day as Us ‘deal of century ‘ looms

Millions of people in Iran, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere have flocked to main streets Friday last week to support Palestinians who are facing the dangerous prospect of a sell out of their right through the Us plan.

Demonstrators carried banners with slogans such as “AL-Quds is the eternal capital of Palestine and ” No to the deal of the century”

The “deal of the century would be the bank ruptcy of the century ” for its’ sponsor and definitely will not come to fruition said president Hassan Rouhani who attended the rallies in Tehran

He also said that Quds day is ” the day of confrontation of all Muslims with the world’s aggressor’s and the event’s massage is that Palestine will be alive forever and AL-Quds will remain for Muslims”

“We have no doubt that the ultimate victory will be for the righteous and the Palestine and the land of Palestine will be safe place for Muslims, Christians and jews” Rouhani added

The international Quds day is a legacy of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini, who designated the day in solidarity with the Palestinians

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran the International Quds Day has been marked world wide on the last Friday of the muslim’s fasting month of Ramadhan

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