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Teacher placed on Administrative leave After Being Accused of Selling Black Student in mock slave auction

A Watertown, NY,teacher was placed on administrative leave on Thursday last week after being accused of making black students act as slaves Ina a mock auction

According to Nicole Dayes mother of one of the students his boy and another African American child were put up in the middle of the class and told they were now slaves. The teacher started the bidding by assigning price to the caucasion students. After the winning bid was placed her son was then told how slaves would take the slave owners last name and what he was to call the slave owner by. Then her son and the other slave were instructed to call the Caucasian child by master and the child’s last name.

In what that should come as a suprise to no one the school district received complain s that a fourth grade teacher recent lesson and took subsequent action which unfortunately faild to include parking a generous assortment of feet in the teacher’s ass

The teacher has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation in to the matter the school said in a statement. The identity of the teacher hasn’t been discoled and the school will announce further discipline if necessary after their investigation has concluded

I’ve never participated in a mock slave auction but I would imagine a fourth grade class room isn’t the idea place to have one especially in 2019. Yet here we are admonishing another teacher for contaminating their learning environment with racist bullshit.

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