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Florida Man Fired After Taking a Bath in a Fast Food Restaurant’s Kitchen Sink

A man from Florida have been fired from his job after a video of him taking bath in a kitchen sink of a Wendy’s restaurant in Florida has gone viral.

The video show’s the man wearing only shorts enjoying his time bathing in the kitchen sink filled with bubble, as a women behind the camera can be heard urging him to “wash his armpits” and “let’s see them toes.”

“This was a prank by a person who no longer works at this restaurant, and who clearly did not use good judgment.we are taking this opportunity to reinforce our very strict quality procedures with our restaurant team.” Said Mike Johnson, PR director of the company that owns Wendy’s in his released statement to the media. He also described the incident as ” obviously totally un acceptable.”

According to reports, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation is already investigating the incident after receiving complaints.

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