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Saudi Teenager Faces Death Penalty Over Alleged Crimes he Committed When he was 10

Murtaja Qureiris is an 18 years old Saudi teen who’s been detained by Saudi authority. Saudi Arabia is reportedly seeking to execute him over alleged crimes he committed when he was just 10. Qureiris took part in a pro-democracy bike protest in Eastern province in 2011. He was arrested three years later when he was just 13.

Saudi authority have acuused him of belonging to “an extremist terror group” and shooting at security forces. Qureiris has denied the charges and said that the confessions were obtained under duress.

“We call on Saudi Arabia to not use the death penalty to punish a young man, arrested at 13 years old for participating in anti-goverment protests. It is appalling that Murtaja Qureiris is facing execution for offences that include taking part in protest while he was just 10 years old” wrote Amnesty international in his twitter

Saudi Arabia has a dark record in cracking down on peaceful dissidents and activists. Early this year, Saudi authority executed 37 people, mostly activists from the country’s Shia minority, over “terror charges”.

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