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Best Selling African American Author K.C. Mills, to Launch Seminar on How to Be a Successful Writer

On suturday, June 15th, 2019 international bestselling author KC mills which is notably known for her work in urban literature and has proven herself as a leader in the industry with over 100 successful books written and published within a three year timeframe will present ” The Journey To Number Ones” seminar, a unique writing seminar which is specifically developed for both established and aspiring authors who are dedicated to taking their craft to higher achieving levels.

During the seminar Mills is prepared to re-ignite the passion of writers and teach attendees exactly how to get their manuscripts the attention they deserve and will also cover topics such as Brand yourself as a leadind author, identify your audience, understand all financial opportunities as an author, Effectively crafting ideals, and so much more.

The primary goal at The Journey To Number Ones Seminar is to teach you how to have a successful writing career by having a hands on session with a powerhouse author who is a leader in her industry today.

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