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Report:Israel Committed 84 Violation Against Palestinian Journalist in May

Accordind to the reports published on sun day last week by The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA), Israeli military committed 84 violation against Palestinian journalist in the mouth of May which had increased compare to the preceding of April, when 19 violation were documented.

These violation include shooting Palestinian journalist Muhammed Mahmoud Hassan, when he was covering a weekly demonstration against the expropriation of Palestinian lands by Israeli regime in the village of Kfa Qaddum,near Nablus in the occupied West Bank, on may 10, the injuring of two journalist identified as 42 years old Abdel Rahim Mohammed Khatib and Ramzi Hatem Al-Shukri during their coverage of the anti-occupation Great March of Return protests east of the border city of Rafah, located 30 kilometers south of Gaza City, the arrest of seven journalists and human rights activists in the northern Jordan Valley area, and prevented them from covering deportation being carried out by the military against Palestinian farmers and residents living there,and so on.

MADA further noted that Israeli military aircraft targeted and destroyed the office of Turkey’s official Anadolu news agency, besides the office of Palestine liberation Organization-affiliated Abdullah Al-Hourani Center for Studies and Documentation when they bombed the Gaza strip on May 4.

Israel has been spending a lot of money in his military and we can see all of that money has been used for nothing but murdering innocent people.

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