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Whoopi Goldberg Schools Meghan McCain:’ There is No Such Thing As Late-Tear Abortion

It happened on Fridays’ episode of ‘The View’ show during a discussion about whether the majority of Democrats running for president were too “far left” for average voters on some issues, including abortion.

McCain said she believed Joe Biden was the only candidate who wasn’t “too far to the left” and mentioned “health care for all” and “late-term abortion” as specific Democratic position she’s against, then Whoopi Goldberg “The view” Co-host interjected and said ” I want to say something. There is no such thing as late-term abortion. There is no such thing!” She said to audience cheers.”you can not do abortion after a certain amount of time unless there is some sort of danger.I just wanted to clear that up because people keep saying ‘late-term abortion’ and it’s not correct, it does not happen. “

‘Late-term abortion’ is described by Anty-abortion or pro-life activists as an abortion that occur after about 21 weeks of pregnancy. According to the review of medical researchers on pain and development a fetus Start’s to fell pain within 24 weeks of pregnancy before then the nervous system hasn’t developed enough to process the signals regardless of whichever standards might be used.

The Washington Post points out there is no precise medical or legal definition of “late-term,” and “many doctors and scientists avoid that language, calling it imprecise and misleading.”

The Daily Beast also notes that only 1.3 percent of abortions are performed after 21 weeks of gestation, and the idea that a woman can get an abortion moments before giving birth is “not how medical care works.”

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