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Iran Detected and Destroyed CIA Biggest Spy Network

Iran’s top security officials had announced that they have detected and destroyed the biggest international active spy network of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). “This is the first time that an expansive active American spy network operating on the internet platform across the international arena has been detected” they added .

According to the officials the Agency used cover of apparently-irrelevant websites in order to enable safe communication with their spy but intelligence command enabled the ministry to identify all the websites and the agents linked to them.

The agents, who were assigned a specifically-designated website and communication channel, would act against the interests of the countries, where they were operating in, including the Islamic Republic, the official noted, and referred to the exposed agents as “professional and special sources” for the CIA.

Once harvesting the information, Iran entrusted it with the countries, with which it shares intelligence, according to the official, who said this interaction led to entrapment of more operatives elsewhere in the world.

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