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Michelle Obama Challenged James Corden to a Dodgeball ‘Battle of the Sexes’

It all started on ” The Late late show” monday night where host James Corden is shown riding in a car with Obama, teasing that they were about to embark on another “Carpool Karaoke.” “So what are we listening to this time?” Obama asks Corden, to which he explains that he wasn’t in the mood to listen to music anymore. Instead, the two begin bantering about who is better at what, things really heated up after Corden declares that British people are better at sports than Americans.

“I don’t think that’s true and, if it is, you have nothing to do with it,” Obama argues, then the two later challenge each other to a game of dodgeball to prove once and for all which country is better at the sport.

Michelle’s team was made up of American stars like Mila Kunis, Kate Hudson, Melissa McCarthy, Lena Waithe and Allison Janney.

Corden’s team was also pretty star-studded with Brits like Harry Styles, John Bradley, Benedict Cumberbatch and a British for the day Reggie Watts to back him up.

Before playing the game, each team is shown warming up, with McCarthy having to comically advise Janney on the rules of dodgeball after she kept mistaking it for football while Corden and Obama attempted to motivate their teams with a pep talk.

In the first round Team USA demolished the British celebrities until only Styles was left. In round two, McCarthy and Obama were immediately taken out, later leaving Kunis and Waithe to try to win the round. With all their players still in the game, Kunis and Waithe lose, with Corden’s team celebrating.

In round three, Cumberbatch was the sole U.K. player left standing against Kunis and Hudson. After the actresses beat Cumberbatch, Team USA was declared the winner.

“How does it feel to lose?” Janney taunts to Corden. Visibly emotional while awarding Team USA the trophy, Corden begins to lie about not feeling anything over their loss. “At the end of the day, we showed kids that exercise can be fun. I can’t even remember who won or lost,” he says. “Oh, you lost. We won,” Obama brags, leaving Corden to walk away speechless.

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