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Man Was Caught on Video Forcibly Restraining a 13 Years Old Boy in a Park

It was on Tuesday June 25, when a 16 years old girl walked to a park in Pittsburgh’s Greenfield neighborhood to meet with some friends . while there she remembered that she has forgot her cell phone charger home, so she asked her 13 years old brother to go home which is few blocks away and retrieve it and meet her at the park. when the boy got to the park, he noticed one of his friend crying in an abandoned truck that had been at the neighborhood park for years, according to the boys mother. The boy eventually calmed the crying girl down and got his friend to exit the truck.

Then a man who saw them over by the truck, assumed they were vandalizing it ran across the street up to the boy shouting ‘ I’m going to give you a head start, you better run’, the boy was in surprise shock then the man reached to him and punched him in the mouth, the boy hit him back, the next thing you know, they’re on top of the slide. He pin the boy down and threatens her sister … Thankfully her sister had enough sense to record it.

The video recorded by the boys sister shows a man identified as Thomas D’Andrea straddling the 13-year-old as the child complains that his head and his arm are hurting. The sister cries as she begs the man to get off her little brother, to no avail. But D’Andrea insists he can’t release the boy “until the police get here.”

“I am 13 years old,” the boy explains to the camera in a second video as he pleads for his sister to go get help. “This man ran up to me and assaulted me.”

“This child [was] vandalizing property and assaulting a 46-year-old man,” says D’Andrea, while urging onlookers to “take more fucking pictures” before he explodes into an expletive-filled rant.

“The police didn’t fucking come,” he explains, calling either the child or his sister a “fucking maniac.”

As the incident occurred, Shalayla McGovern says her daughter called her father, who rushed out of the house, and she followed. When police finally arrived, they declined to arrest the Dollar Tree George Zimmerman, telling the child’s mother that the man hadn’t committed a crime.

“They were trying to say that they weren’t going to arrest him, this wasn’t an arrestable offense, and I went off on them,” McGovern said “I took my son to the emergency room and I told the doctors and nurses what happened.

“I asked them to call the police,” McGovern continued. “After talking to several people and a social worker, they were able to persuade the police to press assault charges even though they first only charged him with disorderly conduct.”

McGovern says her son is embarrassed by the video but she decided to release it when multiple neighbors shared stories about D’Andrea’s history of acting like the Connor McGregor of sliding boards and antagonizing black children in the mostly white Greenfield neighborhood, accusations that appear to be confirmed by others in the Greenfield community.

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