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Rapper Asap Rocky Was Arrested in Sweden for Suspicion of Assault

American rapper ASAP Rocky was arrested in Stockholm this week for suspicion of assault after a video of him fighting was surfaced online. In the video the rapper can be seen throwing a young man into the street then aiming several punches at him while the man is on the ground.

Rocky however declared his innocence on Instagram, “I’m innocent ,” he wrote and then uploaded a pair of video. In the videos, his crew can clearly be heard attempting to diffuse the situation, with Rocky himself at one point pleading, “Listen, listen. We’re not trying to fight y’all. We don’t wanna go to jail.”

Later, he looks into the camera and adds, “Look, just for the cameras, we don’t want no problems with these boys [but] they keep following us.”

Eventually, after continuing to harass Rocky and his entourage while threatening to call the police, Rocky and three other men allegedly threw one of their tormenters on the ground before fleeing the scene after pummeling him with a barrage of punches and kicks.

Swedish prosecutors have until Saturday to decide whether to formally detain the rapper. The Prosecution Authority told AFP they didn’t want to comment on the level of evidence since it was “too early in the investigation”.

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