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Protesters Burnt American national flag in Front of the White House

On Thursday during a Fourth of July Independence Day demonstration organized against the policies of US President Donald Trump, Protesters have burnt an American national flag in front of the White House in Washington, Dc.

Three protesters including political activist Gregory Lee Joey Johnson were arrested by police outside of the White House just before Trump’s celebration was set to start. Johnson who is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party which organized the protest famously burnt an American flag outside the 1984 RNC to protest against then-President Ronald Reagan’s policies. He was later arrested and later charged for desecrating a venerated object.

Johnson challenged the decision before the Supreme Court in the famous case Texas v Johnson, which ruled that flag desecration is protected by the First Amendment as “’symbolic speech.”

Meanwhile, Trump was ready to host an Independence Day show — called the “Salute to America” — featuring a speech from the Lincoln Memorial, a display of military tanks and fighter jets roaring over Washington, AFP reported.

Thousands of people were gathering on the National Mall in the center of Washington for concerts, fireworks and an address by Trump.

Trump’s decision to give a public speech and hold a military parade on the Fourth of July holidays has divided the country.

Supporters of the US president said he was expressing love for the country and the military. However, Trump’s critics accused him of hijacking and politicizing a traditionally non-partisan holiday and using taxpayers’ money to stage it.

“What, I wonder, will Donald Trump say this evening when he speaks to the nation at an event designed more to stroke his ego than celebrate American ideals?” said Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a speech in Iowa.

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