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A Woman From Oklahoma Repeatedly Refused to Accept a Traffic Ticket And lives to Tell the Tale

According to NBC News, Debra Hamil, 65, is alive and well ( as well as anyone can be when they’re facing felony charges) after police in Cashion, Oklahoma, said they had to manhandle, stun-gun, and place her under arrest after she repeatedty refused to accept a traffic ticket for having a broken tail light.

And if you haven’t guessed already, Hamil is a white woman. A factor that led many online to posit that if she had not been, frankly, she would have likely been a “was.”

Police video released of the incident shows Hamil apparently refusing to sign off on an $80 ticket the officer has written over the tail light, stating, per NBC News: “I don’t think that I deserve to pay $80 for something that is fixable and I can fix it.”

That doesn’t go over well, and the cop says she’s under arrest.

That appears to lead to more words from Hamil (“you are full of shit”; “you’re not placing me under arrest”; “shut up”), as revealed by the video footage before the officer finally has had enough of her shit her.

She tries to take off in her vehicle, leading to a short police chase, before video footage shows the officer catching up with her and pulling her from the car. When she continues to put up a fight, the police video shows the officer using his Taser on her, all while she continues kicking him.

Wow. All Philando Castile had to do to merit being cut down in a hail of bullets by a cop during a traffic stop was to try to show his license and registration.

But as for Hamil, she has the privilege of still being alive to tell the tale, a tale that now includes, according to NBC News, a felony charge of assault on a police officer and a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest.

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